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Our Team & Join Us

From the beginning time open Tam Coc Travel Join Stock Company, we have alot of difficult to find the staff, but with our experience with helping from my friends. We have already found enough persons who like work in tourism to establish a dynamic, enthusiastic and experiences team. Each Part in our team is responsible for each subject. Now aday we are non stop find a new partner who want to join our team and work together with us. We are always welcome new staffs in the future.

This is our team list:

1. Director : Chu Thanh Tuyen

2. Tour Operator Manager : Mr Tony

+ Tour Operator Staff: Ms Ngoc

+ Tour Operator Staff: Ms. Kim Oanh

+ Tour Operator Staff: Mr Dat

3. Sale Marketing

+ Sale Executive Marketing Operator: Mr Tung

+ CTV Content Marketing: Ms Xuan

+ Content Marketing Team Leader: Mr Tuan

+ Marketing TA: Mrs Anna

+ Content Marketing: Ms Thao

+ Digital Marketer: Ms Thuy

4. Sale Walking

+ Sale Walking Manager: Mrs Yen

+ Sale Walking Staff: Ms Huyen

+ Sale Walking Manager: Mr Hung

+ Sale Walking Staff: Ms Anh

5. Tour Guide

+ Tour Guide Leader: Mr Thanh Tuan (Boner)

+ Tour guide: Mr Duy ( Franki)

+ Tourguide: Mr Tuan Anh (Kevin)

+ Tourguide: Mr Giang ( Sam)

+ Tourguide: Mr Tien

+ Tourguide: Mrs Diu

+ Tourguide: Ms Ngat

+ Tourguide: Mr Huong

+ Tourguide: Tam

6. Driver

+ Driver leader: Mr Huy

+ Driver Staff: Mr Canh

+ Driver Staff: Mr Vinh

+ Driver leader: Mr Tuan

+ Driver Staff: Mr Chien

+ Driver Staff: Mr Dat

+ Driver Staff: Mr Chung